Frequently Asked Questions About Our Moving Storage Containers

Here are our most frequently asked questions about our moving storage containers.

“How can I tell what size container to order?

It depends on how much stuff you have in the space you occupy. Generally, though, the following guidelines can be followed:
7’x 12′ One bedroom apartment or condo.
8’x 16′ Two bedroom apartment, condo or small home.
8’x 20′ Three bedroom home or larger.

Inside Dimensions:
12′ Container – 6′ x 7.5′ x 11′
16′ Container – 7′ x 7.5′ x 15′
20′ Container – 7.5′ x 7.5′ x 19′

Ask our professional call center representatives which convenient size would best fit your storage needs. We want you to have the best experience when moving into your new home, so our representatives can work with you to find a storage option with a great rate.

What should I not store in the Cool Box?

Storing Hazardous Materials, Perishables, and Heat Sensitive Materials is not advisable.

Can household appliances be stored/moved in the Cool Box?

Yes! However, we do have a few very important tips for storing your appliance in a Cool Box.

1. Remove water from hoses and internal components. For refrigerators, please also clean the interior and wipe dry. Make sure to drain all water from the holding tank and drain plastic tubing. Also, be sure to clean the defrost pan which is usually located underneath or behind the fridge. Taking these extra steps will prevent mildew and damage to belongings in the Cool Box.

2. Always keep appliances upright, specifically refrigerators.

3. Store appliances with the doors ajar to prevent mildew. During transportation, we do recommend keeping the doors closed and using strong tape to ensure doors remain closed during transport.

4. Spray appliances for bugs and allow to dry before placing in the Cool Box. This will prevent the introduction of bugs to the container and your belongings.

What are your rates?

Our rates provide for some of the best values in the self-storage industry. For a customized rate quote, please give us a call or fill out our quote form.

Where will my container be stored?

We safely store your container at one of our centrally located secure storage yards. Cool Box Portable Storage has a secure site in each metropolitan area that it services, please visit our locations page or contact us for the address for the location closest to you.

Taking advantage of our free storage options is beyond easy, especially when compared to traditional moving companies.

Can I access my container while in storage?

Certainly! Access is available during normal business hours throughout the week. Please provide us with a 24-hour notice to prepare your container for your access.

Will my belongings shift during transport?

While our staff is always cautious while transporting belongings, we know that some items can shift during transport, therefore we recommend that you load the storage container just as you would load a truck. Place heavier items on the floor and then fill in the upper areas with lighter pieces. This will minimize shifting that would have otherwise occurred. As with any move, protective materials (tie down straps, moving pads, etc.) should also be utilized.

Do you have any advice on how best to pack my Cool Box?

Visit our blog for many helpful tips on packing, moving, and storage.  We also suggest that you pack heavy items at the bottom of your unit and try to keep the weight evenly distributed, to keep your belongings safe.

What days are you closed and do not deliver?

Our Call Center is open 7 days a week. We deliver Monday through Saturday. All deliveries and pick-ups are scheduled based on availability.

Do you insure my belongings?

We do not insure customer belongings. At the time of scheduling your Cool Box delivery, we strongly recommend our customers obtain supplemental insurance to cover damage to belongings. As with most storage providers, supplemental tenant insurance can be arranged if you are not covered under your current homeowners or renters policy. We strongly advise you to have coverage on your belongings. For information on insurance and reporting damage click here.

Our Cool Boxes are weather resistant, they are not waterproof. We cannot guarantee belongings safety in the event of water or flooding due to high tides, rivers, street flooding, or high winds with rain.

What kind of insurance do you provide?

Cool Box is excited to announce we have partnered with Storage Protectors to provide our customers with an option to purchase insurance for their belongings. Visit our insurance page fore more information and coverage options.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover, and Money Order.  Furthermore, for your convenience, we offer automatic monthly billing options to your credit card or checking account, for those interested.

When do you drop off the moving storage containers?

We drop off the Cool Box storage unit on your scheduled date.  You will be notified the day before of the time slot when your container will be delivered. Additionally, the driver will call you 30 minutes before they arrive with your container.

Do you sell packing supplies?

We offer our customer a wide range of affordable packing supplies through a third party