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By / Emily Adams

5 Tips on How to Pack a Portable Storage Unit

Moving seems like a mammoth task and it can be, considering that you’re tasked with packing together and moving all your belongings, or should we say your life! Add to it the excitement and anxiety that a transition brings, and it can get stressful pretty quick. However, if you follow some easy techniques and tips outlined here on how to pack a portable storage unit, it doesn’t have to be.

Cool Box portable storage units are reliable, safe, and secure containers to store items for the short as well as long term, whether you’re planning to move or simply store your belongings in a portable unit. And while these storage containers are extremely helpful and can considerably ease your move, be sure to take the time to pack them in an organized manner to ensure a seamless and smooth transition.

A common mistake is to dump all of your belongings carelessly into the unit when you’re pressed for time during the move, which you typically will be. However, this can be a huge mistake, costing you substantial time, and not to mention headache, when you’re unpacking. Moreover, upon reaching your new destination, wouldn’t you rather take the time to soak in your new surrounding and familiarize yourself with it as quickly as possible, instead of having to clear the huge jumble of mess created unintentionally when you packed?

5 Tips for Effectively Packing your Portable Storage Unit

Packed boxes stored neatly in an empty room for moving

How do you make your move easier? The first step in effectively packing your belongings is to pick the right size of portable storage unit, based on an estimate of the space all your belongings will likely take. The next step is to carefully pack most of your stuff into boxes to be stacked in the portable unit, which is a crucial step if you want to effortlessly unpack later.

We’ve compiled a list of some helpful and easy tips on how to pack a portable storage unit that will ensure a hassle-free and smooth transition. These will not only make you feel less stressed and more confident about your move but will also allow you to focus better on other aspects like setting up your forwarding address, closing your account at the local bank, if you have one, and other seemingly small but significant tasks.

Preferably Use Identical Size Boxes and Pack These by Room

It’s preferable to use as many identical size boxes as you can so it’s much easier to stack them tightly and closely in the unit, minimizing gaps and maximizing the space efficiency of your portable unit. You can have two different sizes for heavy and light items though: a slightly smaller box size for heavier items and a larger one for lighter items. Packing heavier items in a small box ensures that you don’t overload it so as to avoid the box from tearing or bulging from the sides and it’s easier to lift. In addition, pack items by room so unpacking and organizing them at your new place is easy. Be sure to label all your boxes according to the room (for example, kids room or kitchen), and, if possible, also include a list of the included items on the label. By labeling items, you can avoid frantically opening each box while searching for something specific.

Pack as many items as you can into boxes as they are easier to load and unload and they also protect your items from damage during transportation. Additionally, pack each box to the brim as partially-filled boxes may cave in underweight, causing them to collapse and fall, making the overall stack less stable. Before you load boxes into the unit, seal boxes with tape at the bottom so they don’t tear apart, preventing contents from spilling in the portable unit or outside.

Special Care for Fragile Items and Furniture

Taking extra precaution with fragile and furniture items, especially large ones, will ensure that these land in one piece at your new place! Wrap fragile items like glassware, ceramics, electronics, and even appliances in bubble wrap and place these in a separate box marked ‘fragile’. Alternatively, you can use moving blankets or even towels, linen, or bedding to wrap these. In addition, ensure foolproof cushioning for items such as flat-screen TVs, mirrors, picture frames, and glass lamps.

Furthermore, to enhance your space efficiency, dismantle furniture and wrap items such as chairs, table-tops, legs, and others in padding to prevent damage while loading, unloading, and in transit. Wrapping and strapping furniture minimizes the possibility of accidents as it prevents drawers or cabinet doors from accidentally opening. Additionally, separate light bulbs from light shades and box these separately.

Lastly, position flat-screen TVs, mirrors, and glass tops carefully near the sides of the portable unit and use bedding and straps to ensure these are firmly in place. On a different note, while you’re loading heavy furniture or objects, be careful to avoid straining your back; if need be, consider hiring a moving crew so you don’t arrive at your brand-new home in a sorry physical state.

Stack Up to Form a ‘Wall’

Organize all boxes and items by room and gather everything together before starting to load them in your storage unit so it’s easier to plan optimal utilization of space. Load larger pieces of furniture first so you can stack boxes or smaller objects on and around these to maximize space efficiency and minimize shifting in transit.

It’s very tempting to fill up all floor space first, that is, simply stack items horizontally next to each other; however, it won’t allow you room to move about or to stack remaining boxes on top. Therefore, stack boxes from bottom to top and stack one complete row at a time to form a ‘wall’. ‘Walls’ provide stability, although it’s important to stack as closely and tightly as possible by filling empty spaces with smaller boxes or objects. Be sure to fill in small gaps too with soft items like neatly wrapped soft toys, blankets, or clothing to minimize shifting in transit.

Don’t forget to stack boxes containing essential items like toiletries, towels, kitchen appliances, cookware, cooking and cleaning supplies, few pieces of clothing, and bedding in the front of the portable unit so these are easily accessible when you arrive at your new home.

Lastly, don’t place valuable items like jewelry, laptops, or important work or property-related documents, including lease agreements and the likes in the portable unit. Keep them with you so they’re safe and also so you’re not scrambling for any of these when you arrive at your destination.

Go Heavy on the Bottom and Light on Top

Heavy items always go on the bottom and lighter ones on top or else the former may squish the lighter or smaller stuff beneath. This also ensures that heavy items don’t topple over during transit or while loading or unloading, injuring someone, or damaging other items in the process. While placing heavy items on the bottom though, it’s important to ensure that you distribute the weight evenly throughout the unit floor, or else the side with more weight may cave in and cause a dent.

Strap Tight After Each Row and at the Front

Portable storage units typically have hooks or anchor points for installing straps to secure items firmly in place. After stacking a row, secure it with loading straps or rope so the objects don’t shift and get scratches or damaged during transportation.

Secure objects at the front with straps or rope to keep them from falling when the door is opened. It would be even better to place a large piece of cardboard or mattress to create a barrier between the door and objects and strap it firmly in place.

Another important tip is to lock your portable storage unit with a lock even if you plan to keep it in our secure and safe Cool Box storage facility. All of our Cool Box portable storage units have doors with latches so you can lock your belongings safe and sound.  Another added bonus is that our units have swinging doors, which are more secure than roll up doors, as roll up doors are easier to break into

Cool Box Portable Storage Units Make Moving a Breeze

We hope our tips on how to pack a portable storage unit will assist you in your move. To make your move even more seamless, consider using Cool Box moving storage containers. These are safe, secure, and insulated to protect your belongings from external conditions. Furthermore, all our units are placed at ground level to make loading and unloading easier. Moreover, we deliver the units right to your doorstep. The best part is, if you decide to unload some of your contents at a later stage, you can keep your Cool Box portable storage unit for as long as you want.

Unlike most other storage companies, we offer up-front pricing with no hidden charges and pride ourselves on giving you an accurate estimate of quotes, based on the information you provide. What’s more, we even meet or beat the quotes from our competitors, provided they are for the same specifications!

There are no extra mileage fees for customers that are located within 30 miles of one of our facilities. We offer them a low flat fee each time we move the container. For customers outside of the 30-mile zone, we charge only a low reasonable mileage fee. 

Our services are designed to minimize the stress of moving so you find time to process the transition and emotional rollercoaster that moving often entails, including saying goodbyes to friends, colleagues, and close family. After all, isn’t that the most ‘moving’ part of every move?

Choose Cool Box Portable Storage Units to make your transition easier! Fill out our ‘Instant Online Quote Form’ for Portable Moving Containers so you can estimate your moving expenditures or if you have any questions, simply give us a call to talk to one of our customer service representatives.

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