Arizona Moving and Storage

Whether you are moving across town or planning a long-distance move to Arizona, Cool Box Portable Storage has the moving solution for you. We supply insulated portable storage containers in the proper container size that will work best for your move. We offer three container sizes to make moving less stressful for customers.

Cool Box Portable Storage Arizona Locations

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Right to Your Door

At Cool Box Portable Storage, we deliver your storage container right to your door. You can take your time packing, loading, and moving your things into the container, and when you are ready to go, give us a call to schedule a pick-up. We handle transportation to your new home or a Cool Box Storage facility or you can leave it at your home. With our monthly rental terms and insulated, sturdy construction, Cool Box Portable Storage makes your move less stressful on a budget you can afford. 

Our customer service agents are standing by Monday – Saturday from 7 AM – 5:30 PM, and Sunday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM to answer any questions you may have. We provide moving and storage solutions to residents within 100 miles of Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson. Click here to get your free moving quote today.

Cool Box on site storage

Learn the Moving Process

How Cool Box Portable Storage Works

Step 1

Pick Your Container Size

We have 3 Insulated portable container sizes to choose from.

Cool Box Portable Storage Container Sizes

Learn more about Storage Containers Sizes

Step 2

We Deliver Your Container

Schedule your Cool Box container to be delivered right to your door. We offer a free quote online or over the phone.*

You have the option to choose where we drop off a Cool Box container.
  • At home for on-site storage
  • At your business for on-site business storage
  • OR at one of our Cool Box Storage facilities

Cool Box Portable Storage

Traveling Outside of Our Drop Zones

If you are traveling long-distance and outside of our standard drop zones, we charge a standard freight charge. Freight shipping is when a freight company picks up a Cool Box container and deliveries it to a Cool Box facility. Our reps will disclose if you are subject to freight shipping and the fees associated with the shipping.

Step 3

Load Your Way

Take your time loading and unloading your container. You never need to rush your moving process as we charge monthly. Great for moving, storage, growing business, remodeling, and renovations! 

Cool Box Portable Storage Moving Self Storage

Step 4

Leave The Transportation To Us

When you are ready to move your container to your next location, call our Cool Box agents so that we can schedule your container(s) to be picked up and moved to your next location.**

*Please note that all rental agreement paperwork MUST be E-signed before deliveries.
**We require 7-10 days’ notice for all pick-ups and drop-offs to allow scheduling and completion at an appropriate time.

Cool Box Portable Storage Trucks

Content Insurance For Extra Peace of Mind

We always do our very best to protect your belongings while your belongings are in our care. But, unfortunately, accidents happen. This is why we always recommend that our customers obtain content insurance. Cool Box Portable Storage has partnered with Storage Protectors which adds an additional layer of protection for your stored contents. 

Many people assume their homeowner’s insurance policy will cover their belongings during a move using portable storage. However, this is usually NOT the case. Learn more about content insurance.

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Why Choose Cool Box

over other Arizona moving and storage companies?


moving and storage company

We’ve proven time after time to be the most affordable portable storage and moving company on the market by offering low all-inclusive pricing. We regularly price-match the competition and always MEET OR BEAT pricing. This cannot be combined with any other offers.* 

Insulated Steel Containers

Our Cool Box Portable Storage Container units provide durable protection against the elements; insulation against heat and cold, and a latch and lock combination to keep thieves away.

Cool Box Portable Storage Truck

No Hidden Fees

We are against hidden fees of any kind. You can store your Cool Box at your home or at our secure yard for no additional cost. Moving truck companies will tack on fees for gas, mileage, and overall time used. If you’re looking for a moving truck alternative, Cool Box is the right place for you.

Cool Box Portable Storage No hidden fees

Meet or Beat Comparable Quotes from Competitors 

Cool Box will beat comparable quotes from competitors if the quote matches the service Cool Box offers. For example, a 1-month rental quote for a competitor’s 12′ portable moving containers will be matched by a 1-month rental for a Cool Box 12′ unit.

Cool Box Portable Storage Car

Huge 20′ FT Storage Container 

Our largest size of portable moving containers is 20′ long, which is equivalent to the cargo space of a large moving truck. Many portable storage containers are rarely over 16′, making Cool Box the perfect option for someone that wants the benefits of portable moving containers coupled with the space of a moving truck. If 20 ft., is too big for you, no worries, we have three convenient sizes to choose from: 12 ft., 16 ft., and of course, 20 ft.

Cool Box Portable Storage
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Comparing the Competition

Moving is stressful, time-consuming, and can take a lot of physical effort. Then add the cost of renting a truck, fuel costs, insurance, food, and hotel stays along your route. Renting a moving truck can be overwhelmingly expensive… Especially for long-distance moving or one-way moves. If you are moving long-distance a freight charge is subject to availability and demand. Our reps are always available for a free quote. However, prices change regularly. With Cool Box Portable Storage we take the hassle out of renting a moving truck because the driving is on us. We never charge fuel costs, food for our drivers, or silly hidden charges that you may see with other companies. We have no hidden fees, and the price you receive on your quote is the price you will pay. You can sit back, relax, and know that your belongings are in safe hands.

Cool Box Comparison

Cool Box vs PODS® and 1-800-PACKRAT

If you’re looking for an alternative to PODS® or an alternative to 1-800-PACKRAT, look no further than Cool Box Portable Storage of Arizona! Cool Box Portable Storage offers top quality service that PODS® storage, and other competitors, can’t beat. We deliver a superior product, affordable prices, and an amazing customer support team. 

We deliver our product with NO hidden charges. Many portable storage companies, such as PODS® storage, will offer you a low monthly fee only to charge you enormous add-on costs hidden beneath a drop-down menu. We strive to bring the best rates, services, and reliability to each and every one of our valued customers WITHOUT trying to hide anything from you.

To learn more about how we compare to the competition, check out our PODS® comparison chart below, or click here for more information.

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Learn About Arizona


Arizona is the 6th largest state in the United States and the last state founded in the 50 states. And while many people’s first thought is the dry heat, it has many great things to offer. While the pandemic has put a pin in many of our normal daily activities, Arizona still has many activities and reasons to move to or visit the great state. Flagstaff, for example, is famous for its snowfall, mountain ranges, spruce trees, deep canyons, and ski resorts. 

However, if you like the desert scenery, moving to Southern Arizona, you will find plenty of hiking trails and biking paths. In all, Arizona has 22 national parks and monuments and 35 state parks, and natural areas! If you move to Arizona, you’ll be able to experience the great outdoors without driving too far.

Cost of Living in Arizona

The cost of living in Arizona is pretty reasonable, depending on where you want to live. While the pandemic has created inflation for all states, the average cost of housing in Arizona is still 20% lower than the national average. 

Learn More About Arizona and Local Hotspots