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10 Reasons You Should Use Get A Cool Box Over the Competition

Portable storage and moving containers have become a popular alternative to traditional moving trucks and self-storage. They offer far more versatility, convenience, and will help save you money in the long run.  

But not all portable storage and moving companies are created equal. 

Big-name companies, like PODS Storage and 1-800 Pack Rat, might have a larger customer base due to their sheer size and reach, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right choice for everyone.

Cool Box is a family-owned portable storage and moving company that values affordability and customer service. Being dedicated to making its customers’ move as smooth as possible, Cool Box has a number of different advantages compared to the competition. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should Get a Cool Box of your own. 

Cool Box will Meet or Beat Quotes from Competitors 

With almost every major store offering price-matching guarantees for everything from a toaster to a television, it’s reasonable to want the same offer from portable storage and moving companies. 

Unlike so many other storage and moving companies, Cool Box welcomes new customers to bring any offer they’ve received from their competition. Not only will Cool Box match a comparable quote, but they’ll strive to beat it as well. 

Comparable quotes must match the same specifications Cool Box offers, such as the size of the container and length of rental time. For example – if you have a quote for a 12’ unit for a 1 month rental from a competing storage and moving company, Cool Box will meet or beat their offer for a 12’ Cool Box unit rented for 1 month. 

All you need to do is get in touch with Cool Box via email or phone with the comparable quote you received from the other company. From there, an agent will review it and, if the terms match what Cool Box offers, you’ll either give you the quote back or one that’s even lower. 

There are No Hidden Fees or Fuel Surcharges 

One pricing trend seen in the industry is storage and moving companies quoting customers a low estimate, only to sneak in fuel surcharges and other hidden fees. The result is an unhappy customer stuck with paying a bill $50 to hundreds of dollars higher than they anticipated.

Cool Box believes everything should be out on the table when it comes to quotes. To make their quotes as accurate as possible, Cool Box offers all-inclusive pricing. This means that the monthly cost you are quoted includes delivery, pick up, and relocation when within 30 miles of a Cool Box facility. 

With their excellent customer service, Cool Box is ready to answer any questions about the quote you receive to ensure you’re getting the best estimate possible. 

You Won’t Be Charged if You Decide to Store 

An advantage of using a portable storage and moving company is the option to store your belongings long-term if you decide you need to during your move. But what many other storage and moving companies won’t tell customers is that they’ll charge them to do so.  

Cool Box doesn’t operate that way and they encourage their customers to store their items as long as they need. If you find that you need to store your belongings long-term, Cool Box is there to help. You won’t be charged if you decide to store and the longer you store, the more you’ll save. 

You Have the Option to Store at Their Yard 

Not all storage and moving companies have secure yards for their customers to store their portable units. This can be a big problem if you decide you’ll be storing items long-term and don’t want the portable storage unit sitting in your driveway the entire time. 

Cool Box welcomes its customers to store their unit in the safety of their secure facility. Cool Box keeps its units in a yard that is only accessible by staff. For added security, all units are stored door-to-door, making it impossible for a potential thief to get inside. 

Gaining access to your Cool Box unit is easy as well – simply give the facility a call 24 hours in advance and you’re set. 

Cool Box Offers Free Delivery and Pick Up 

The majority of portable storage and moving companies do not include free delivery, pickup, and relocation in their quotes. These services can vary anywhere from $50 to $150 extra for each, meaning your monthly rent estimate could actually be as much as $250+ or more when you’re ready to move your unit. 

The folks at Cool Box believe this is unacceptable. After all, the purpose of a portable storage and moving company should be to allow customers to relocate their unit to their new home without being charged for an obviously necessary service. 

Cool Box doesn’t charge any type of delivery, relocation, or pickup fee, but instead offers customers located within 30 miles of a Cool Box facility 4 free movements. Customers that live outside of the 30 mile zone or require more than 4 movements will only be charge a reasonable mileage fee. 

Quick Delivery Saves You Time During Your Move 

Once your portable unit is packed and ready to go, the last thing you want is to find out from your storage and moving company that they won’t be able to move your unit for days. Not only does this physically halt your move, but it also can be extremely frustrating to have all of your belongings packed while your new place is sitting empty. 

Cool Box wants customers to get their units relocated to their new place as quickly as possible. Certain factors such as city, schedule, and driver availability do play a role in how fast your Cool Box unit will be moved. 

Cool Box’s busiest months are from April to September, with October to March being a little slower, but their drivers will always do their best to get your unit moved as quickly as they can manage. Under certain circumstances, same day delivery may even be possible. 

If you’re under a time-crunch for your move, contacting a customer service rep will help you get a better idea of how quickly a driver will be able to relocate your Cool Box unit that week or month.  

Cool Box Containers Have Insulated Walls 

Most portable storage and moving containers are nothing more than a steel box. Steel might be tough, but it also can turn your unit into an oven in the summer or a freezer in winter. These temperature extremes can cause damage to your belongings inside. 

Cool Box designed their portable storage and moving units with metal skins and thick insulated walls that keep the inside of the unit 10F to 15F degrees warmer or cooler than the outside temperatures. Not only does this help protect your belongings from temperature extremes, but it also makes it more comfortable for you during packing and unpacking.  

Cool Box’s Largest Container is 20′ Long 

Many portable storage and moving containers are limited in their maximum size length which can be an issue for customers moving from a large home. 

For example, PODS moving containers come in three different sizes, but their largest is only 16′ long. For big families or when moving the contents of a large home, this 16′ size simply might not be enough. This leaves you having to figure out another moving option for the rest of your belongings, which is far from ideal.  

Cool Box’s largest container is 20′ long and still completely portable, just like their smaller 12′ and 16′ units. The 20′ container will give you maximum space for storing everything you need and is equivalent in size to a large moving truck. 

Your Belongings Never Change Containers 

The dated process of having to use a moving truck and then rent a self-storage unit for anything you want to store is far from efficient. Unlike other storage and moving companies, Cool Box never requires its customers to change containers during their rental time. 

If you do decide you need to store your belongings for a while, you won’t need to do anything other than contact Cool Box to let them know. Each Cool Box portable storage and moving container is all yours until you’ve moved everything out and no longer need to rent the unit.  

Not only will your belongings never have to leave the original container, but you can rest assured that if you store at a Cool Box facility no one will have access to your container except for you. 

Customer Service is Made Easy with Personable Service Rep 

Customer service is an incredibly important aspect of working with a storage and moving company. The nature of renting a portable storage container requires consistent communication between the customer and the company, such as scheduling pickup dates and rental dates. 

Cool Box is a family-owned business shows how much they value their customers by offering incredible customer service. Their call center is open 7 days a week, with staff ready to answer your questions, and their online customer portal is available for customers who prefer a computer over phone. 

Since Cool Box is a smaller business it’s easy to request the same rep rather than speaking to a stranger every time. Cool Box customer service representatives will do everything possible to ensure you get your questions answered and your needs met.  

Get a Cool Box for Your Next Move 


The portable storage and moving company you choose will make the difference between a positive experience that saves you time and money during your move and one that ends up leaving you frustrated with an empty wallet. 

Cool Box delivers a superior portable storage unit at affordable prices, all while providing excellent customer service. The 10 reasons featured here make it easy to see why so many are choosing Cool Box over the competition – and are thankful they did. 

If you’re ready to get a Cool Box for your next move, you can either visit the Cool Box Customer Portal to get a quote or call a customer service representative to get started. 


Cool Box Portable Storage Head Quarters is located in Tucson, AZ. We serve multiple cities in AZ, CA, NV, OK, TX and UT.