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How Cool Box Containers Outperform the Competition

Family Carrying Boxes Into New Home On Moving Day6 Ways Cool Box’s Storage Containers Are Better Than Competitor Containers

  1. Quality:  Our high-quality insulated containers stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, almost a 10-degree difference.
  2. Size Options: 12ft, 16ft, and 20 ft containers.
  3. No hidden fees:  Many portable storage companies, such as PODS, will offer you a low monthly fee only to charge you enormous add-on costs for transportation and delivery.
  4. Four Free Movements: A typical example of 4 Cool Box movements:
    1. Initial Delivery – a clean and empty container is dropped off at your location
    2. Redelivery – Filled container is moved to a new house OR to our secure yard for storage
    3. Redelivery – Filled container is moved out of storage to your new house.
    4. Final Delivery – The empty container is picked up from your location.
  5. Storage is always free. Your monthly costs will not go up if you decide to store with us. You can always expect great deals with Cool Box Portable Storage.
  6. Discounts for long-term storage. The longer you store with us, the more you save. Talk to a sales representative about our 6-month pricing options.



Cool Box Portable Storage Head Quarters is located in Tucson, AZ. We serve multiple cities in AZ, CA, NV, OK, TX and UT.

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