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By / Emily Adams

Declutter (or Marie Kondo) Your Life with a Portable Storage Container

Decluttering is considered by many to be a necessary evil in life – which is unfortunate because a successful decluttering session brings about nothing but benefits. Rather than viewing decluttering as an overwhelming or boring task, switch up your thinking by focusing on how great you’ll feel after it’s done. 

A decluttered, organized home will have you feeling recharged, less stressed, and motivated. Not to mention, if you’re one of many Americans spending thousands on storage unit rentals every year, you’ll be able to cut costs drastically. Combining a serious decluttering session with switching from self-storage to a portable storage container for rent and the savings be even higher. 

Marie Kondo, the queen of modern-day organization, has made decluttering a bit of a trend.. Her Netflix series has been inspiring people all over the world to start approaching decluttering with enthusiasm and positivity. With her passion for decluttering in mind, we’re going to share some of our own tips for decluttering with the help of a portable storage container.   

Moving is the Perfect Time to Completely Declutter Your Home 

Many Cool Box customers are using their portable storage container for moving or for moving and short- to long-term storage. Moving into a new home is a fresh start and the perfect time to completely declutter your home since you’ll be moving everything anyways. 

You might think decluttering while you’re trying to pack is going to be time-consuming, but if you do it the right way there really won’t be much of a difference. In fact, chances are higher that you’ll save time packing and unpacking since you’ll have less stuff to deal with! 

Get Started the Decluttering Process as Soon as Possible 

Whether you just signed the papers on your new home yesterday or you know you’re not going to renew your lease in 3 months – once you have an idea that you’ll be moving you want to start decluttering as soon as you can. Ideally, you’ll have most of your decluttering done and your boxes packed accordingly to the space in your portable storage container for moving in time for the official move day. 

Cool Box is serious about not rushing their customers, so if you have a big decluttering project and move ahead of you, consider having your portable storage container for moving delivered a few days or even a week before the actual move day. This gives you plenty of time to declutter your home, organize your ‘Keeps’ and load boxes into your Cool Box unit at your own pace. 

Arm Up with Garbage Bags, Bins, and Boxes Before Starting 

You’ve got the drive to start decluttering, but before you start you want to have all the tools and gear you need at hand.  

Some basic items you’re going to need for decluttering include garbage bags for trash or larger donate items, boxes for ‘Donate’ items, and boxes and/or bins for your ‘Keeps’ to go in your portable storage container for moving. You might want to use old used boxes for the ‘Donate’ items so you can simply hand over the whole box to the donation facility. 

Don’t forget to grab yourself something to drink. You might also want to put on some energizing music to set the mood and keep you going throughout the process.  

Quick Tips Out for Figuring Out if an Item is Keep, Donate, or Trash 

‘Keep’ items should be those that you can’t do without and that you use in your everyday life. Home decor and furniture you’ll want in your new place are also ‘Keeps’. Sentimental items may also fall here, especially those priceless gifts or family heirlooms. 

‘Donate’ items are those that you no longer need, but are still in good enough shape that someone else can use it. You might also create a separate ‘Sell’ pile which you’ll add more valuable donatable items to. If you haven’t used the item in the last 6 months, you should think about donating or selling it before storing in your portable storage container for moving. 

‘Trash’ items are anything you don’t want that’s in poor shape. These items probably aren’t worthy of being donated and could simply be tossed away. Be sure to keep recyclables separate, however!  

Go from Room to Room, Small Spaces to Big Spaces 

Once you start decluttering, it’s best to focus on only one room at a time, starting from small spaces to bigger ones. The exception would be larger rooms with few items in it. For example, if your living room is fairly minimalist already but your small bedroom is packed with items, get the living room done first.  

Begin each room by starting in the smallest areas and working to the bigger ones. This means start with the closest and dressers in your bedrooms or the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen. Finish up a room completely before moving onto the next, including packing up your ‘Keeps’ if you’re moving. This is the most efficient way of decluttering as well as packing. 

Leave the Tough Stuff for Last (Sentimental Items) 

As you’re working on decluttering, you’re probably going to come across certain items that have some sentimental attachment to them. Sometimes these items are an obvious ‘Keep’, but for other items, you might be torn between keeping it or donating it. Set these items aside until the room is done. 

Once the room is done you might find that you can more easily make a decision about the item. If you’re still torn you can use Marie Kondo’s idea of holding the item, looking at it, and asking yourself if it brings you joy (or any kind of positivity). If the item doesn’t really speak to you as something you can’t be without, it’s probably best to donate it.  

Advertise More Valuable Furniture and ‘Donate’ Items on Online Classifieds 

After you’ve finished a room and you have your pile of ‘Donates’, it’s time to decide which should be away and which can be sold. Inexpensive items or those with some wear might be best to be giving away to your local Goodwill or otherwise donated. Furniture and more valuable items can be sold so you can recoup some money. 

Yard sales are a possibility, but they usually take a lot of time without much of a profit. A better way is to use your phone to snap pics and post ads up on a classifieds app. Some popular websites/apps include Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Offer Up, Let Go, and more. This is a much better use of your time. If it turns out the items don’t sell by move day and there is absolutely no space in your portable storage container for moving, donate them.  

Clean Up as Your Declutter, Including Furniture and Big Items 

Another great piece of advice is to clean up each room as you declutter, regardless of whether you’re moving or not. Have your vacuum, broom, and some basic cleaning supplies handy so you can clean the floors, wipe down cabinets and counters, and clear up any cobwebs and dust bunnies. 

Use moving your furniture and larger pieces of decor as a chance to clean these items as well. Be sure they’re dust-free and any upholstery has been vacuumed. This will help keep your hands clean during moving as well as the inside of your portable storage unit for moving. You certainly don’t want grime sitting on expensive furniture while your items are in storage. 

Label Boxes and Bins as You Pack Up Your ‘Keep’ Items 

A big mistake is throwing your ‘Keeps’ into a box without any sort of labeling or indication of what’s inside. This is going to make portable storage a pain since you won’t know which box  you’re looking for, and it will slow down unpacking during a move. 

Before you seal up any boxes or bins, label them with the room they go in. Better yet, label by room and by contents. This is easy enough to do by simply writing some main items inside the box on each box. You don’t need a thorough list, just basic indicators so you know which kitchen box has your eating utensils or which living room box has your DVDs. 

Cool Box Portable Storage Makes Decluttering and Storage Easy


Cool Box portable storage units for moving are a useful tool when it comes to decluttering. You can use your Cool Box to move your now organized belongings into your new home, as a way to store important items without them cluttering your home or garage, or both! You also have the option to keep your Cool Box unit at your home or at their facility, depending on how quickly you need access to your belongings. 

Cool Box portable storage container prices are less expensive than most self-storage facilities, plus they will meet or beat comparable quotes from other portable storage companies. Cool Box units also come in 3 different sizes so you never feel like you’re overpaying for a ‘too-big’ container.  

Decluttering your home takes time, but the effort you put in will be rewarded with a tidier, roomier home that you can feel at peace with. Utilizing a Cool Box portable storage container for moving will streamline your move into a new home and allow you to store those must-keep items affordably and safely, without relying on expensive self-storage complexes. 

When you’re ready to rent a Cool Box portable storage container for moving of your own, you can either visit the Cool Box website to Get a Quote or you can contact Cool Box Customer Service to schedule a rental. 

Emily Adams