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By / Emily Adams

How Does Cool Box Portable Storage Units Work?

Portable moving and storage services are a fantastic alternative to traditional moving truck rental and self-storage options. Portable storage units are more affordable than hiring a professional complete moving service and offer far more versatility to customers. 

You can get the best features of a moving truck and self-storage, without the problems of using these, by choosing Cool Box portable moving and storage services. 

If you’ve never used a portable moving and storage service before, you’re probably curious about exactly how it works. At face value many portable moving and storage service companies seem to operate the same way, but by diving further into just how Cool Box works you’ll understand why so many customers prefer it over the competition.  

Cool Box Moving and Storage Service Focuses on Affordability 

Moving into a new home is already an expensive venture, especially if you know you’ll be needing to store some of your belongings after the move. Affordability is a really important element in choosing a moving and storage service, which is why Cool Box does whatever they can to provide the best deals possible.  

Cool Box customizes their rates for each customer to ensure they are getting the lowest price possible. After you fill out the Instant Quote form on the Cool Box website, a customer service rep will review the information and give you an accurate estimate based on a few important factors, such as: 

  • Whether you need moving-only, storage-only, or both services 
  • Your location and distance from the closest Cool Box facility 
  • What Cool Box portable unit size you need 
  • How long you’ll need to rent the Cool Box unit 

Cool Box also offers two benefits to its customers that many other portable moving and storage services do not – free delivery with no hidden fees and no charge if you decide to store. 

Free Delivery for Local Customers and No Hidden Fees 

Any customer within 30 miles of a Cool Box facility automatically gets four free movements. These ‘movements’ include delivery of the unit to your current home, relocation of the unit to your new home, and either pick-up of the unit when it’s empty or pickup of a filled unit for storage at a Cool Box facility. If you opt to store your unit at a Cool Box facility and have it redelivered to unpack at a later time, this is considered a ‘movement’ as well. 

Cool Box typically will deliver up to 100 miles from their facility, within the states of California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Oklahoma. Customers living outside of the 30-mile free delivery zone will only be charged a reasonable mileage fee. Cool Box never charges hidden fees, and customers outside of the 30-mile zone will see their mileage fee clearly listed within the quote. 

Cool Box also won’t take advantage of customers that find out that they will need long-term storage in the middle of a move. While other portable moving and storage services charge hefty fees for deciding to store, Cool Box takes a different approach. There’s no charge if you decide to store and the Cool Box unit you have is the one you keep.  

Cool Box also charges less the longer you store with them, making them a budget-friendly choice over self-storage. 

Bring Your Quote from Competitors for a Price-Match Guarantee 

Not only does Cool Box charge some of the most competitive rates in the industry, but they also will meet or beat quotes from competing portable moving and storage services. 

This price-match guarantee applies to comparable quotes given by another company. Comparable quotes are quotes that match the same rental factors that Cool Box offers, such as rental unit size, duration, distance, etc. For example, if you receive a quote from PODS for a 1- month rental of their 16′ container, Cool Box will only honor the same price for a 1-month rental of their 16′ unit.  

Cool Box Portable Storage Units are Designed to Keep Your Belonging Safe 

Cool Box portable storage units are specially designed to keep your belongings safe, from the weather as well as a potential theft. 

Cool Box takes theft-prevention seriously by utilizing locking latch bars on their portable storage units. You can either supply your own padlock or purchase one from Cool Box to use. You can also practice your own security by parking your car in front of the entrance to your Cool Box overnight to prevent it from being opened. 

In order to provide maximum protection, Cool Box constructs all of their portable storage units from steel and includes insulation within the walls. While many portable moving and storage services use steel for their units, Cool Box really pushes itself ahead of the competition by also insulating their containers. 

Thanks to the insulation, Cool Box portable storage units maintain an internal temperature difference of 10F to 15F cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter. This helps protect your belongings, even when you’re forced to move in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. Not to mention you’ll feel more comfortable yourself as you’re unpacking your Cool Box unit.  

Have the Choice Between 3 Different Portable Storage Unit Sizes 

Cool Box portable storage units come in three different sizes: 

12FT  Compact unit perfect for small spaces, studios, and 1BDR apartments 

16FT – Flexible-sized unit for small homes and 2BDR+ apartments 

20FT – Super-sized unit for mid-sized homes and 3BDR+ apartments 

All of these units are 8′ high and 7′-8′ wide, making them the perfect size for parking in a driveway without sacrificing overall capacity. 

While other portable moving and storage services shy away from larger units, Cool Box’s overall design of their containers and their specialized delivery trucks make the 20′ unit just as easy to use as their 12′. This is a real boon for customers that need the container size of traditional large moving trucks but want the simplicity of portable storage units. 

Cool Box gives customers complete freedom over whether they’d like to store the Cool Box unit at their own home or have it delivered to a Cool Box facility for safekeeping.

Store Your Cool Box at Home or at a Cool Box Secured Facility 

Keeping the Cool Box unit at your home is best if you need immediate access to the belongings inside and if you have the driveway or garage space to do so. 

Cool Box doesn’t charge any extra fee for their moving and storage services if you choose to store your unit at their own facility. This is a great option if you don’t need immediate access to the unit and if you don’t have the space to store a unit at your home long-term. 

Cool Box storage facilities are very secure and their yards inaccessible to other customers. Your container will never be opened by anyone but you and your padlock will be left on the unit just as you had it. Cool Box takes an additional step towards safety by storing all portable storage units in their yard door-to-door, making it impossible for a unit to be opened. 

Despite these levels of security, accessing your Cool Box unit from their yard it still easy. All you need to do is call the facility with 24hrs notice. They will pull your personal unit from their yard for you sort through however you’d like. You can remove certain items or add in other belongings you need to be stored.  

Cool Box Moving and Storage Service is for Both Home and Business 

Cool Box portable moving and storage services aren’t just for residential use either. While the majority of customers use Cool Box portable storage units for helping them move into a new home or store personal belongings, these services carry over to businesses as well.  

The same reasons that make Cool Box great for personal use are the same reasons they are the perfect solution for businesses. Portable storage units are great for moving from one office into another, storing extra materials and supplies or overflow, and furniture. Since long-term storage is a very affordable option, businesses that often hosts events, especially holiday or seasonal-specific events, can use Cool Box units for storing these items until that time of the year comes around. This keeps the building clutter-free and ensures storage rooms are only for items that need to be immediately accessed.   

Reliable Customer Service via Phone and an Online Customer Portal 

Cool Box takes its customer service very seriously to ensure that their customers get the best experience possible. When you’re already planning a big move into a new home and have a million things on your mind, the last thing you want to worry about is a frustrating experience with a moving and storage service. 

To make things as easy as possible, Cool Box allows you to schedule a rental either by phone or by their Online Customer Portal. Speaking directly with a personable staff member is a great option for customers that prefer to get things done over the phone. Customers that prefer using a computer will find that the Online Customer Portal makes getting a quote and scheduling a rental quick and efficient.  

The Online Customer Portal is available to access any time while the Call Center is open 7 Days a week (6:30 AM to 5 PM Mon-Fri and 7 AM to 4 PM on weekends).

Take the First Step Towards a Cool Box of Your Own Today


When you’re ready to Get a Cool Box of your own, you can either call customer service to help you get started or fill out the Instant Quote Form on Cool Box’s website. If you already have a quote you’d like to have matched, be sure to have the information on hand for review.  

Once you’ve sent in your Instant Quote Form you’ll be contacted by a customer service agent to take you through the next step of finalizing a rental. Once you have your customer email and password, you’ll be able to log into the Online Customer Portal.  

From there you’ll schedule a date to have your Cool Box delivered, begin the packing and moving process, and either choose to unpack or have your Cool Box stored at home or at their facility. 

For more information on getting the most out of Cool Box’s portable moving and storage services, feel free to visit the Cool Box Blog. Any questions or concerns can be answered in a timely manner by calling or email Customer Service

Emily Adams