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By / Emily Adams

What Are the Top 3 Qualities of a Successful Storage Container Rental Company?

Top 3 Qualities of a Successful Storage Container Rental Company

Portable storage and moving services are in high demand by consumers looking for an easier, more affordable option for their short-term moving and long-term storage needs. While the need for rentable moving trucks and self-storage might be preferable under certain situations, more and more people are switching to portable storage and moving services for local moves. 

However, as great as portable storage and moving services can be, all of the potential benefits add up to nothing if you end up working with the wrong company. Moving can already feel like a bit of a chaotic process and the last thing you need to think about is whether or not your portable storage and moving company is going to come through for you. 

The key to finding the perfect portable storage and rental service is to look for a reputable company that has each of these top 3 qualities. 

Quality #1 – They Deliver Trustworthy and Dependable Customer Service 

It doesn’t matter whether they offer top of the line portable storage units or charge the lowest prices around – a company that doesn’t provide trustworthy and dependable customer service is not worth your time. Period. 

Working with a portable storage and moving company requires more communication between you and the business compared to other moving and storage options. For example, if you personally rent a moving truck you may only ever communicate with the business when you pick it up and drop it off. Similarly, if you choose to store items at a self-storage facility, you may rarely ever speak to a person except for perhaps paying monthly fees. 

When you go with a portable storage container rental, communication is more in-depth. You’ll be in regular communication with the business when it comes to scheduling pick-up, relocation, and drop-off dates. If you choose to store your portable container at their facility, you’ll also communicate with them whenever you need to access your unit. 

Having a much stronger line of communication between you and the business can really provide peace of mind compared to going at it alone like you would with other moving and storage service types. 

Cool Box Portable Storage proves that they provide incredible customer service in a few different ways.  

  • Their focus is on building relationships with their customers and as they are family owned and operated they take care of their customers like they are family. You can even request to speak to the same rep each time you call in. 
  • Their Online Customer Portal makes it easy to schedule dates and make payments 
  • The Call Center is open 7 days a week (Mon to Fri from 6:30 AM to 5 PM, Weekends 7 AM to 4 PM) 

Cool Box is a family-owned business and they truly provide the personable customer service you’d expect of a small company.  

Quality #2 – The Company Provides Accurate Estimates and Charges No Hidden Fees 

No one likes to receive a bill that’s higher than they thought they were going to pay, especially when it happens because they were given an inaccurate quote from the company. At best it can leave you feeling upset and at worst it could mess up your finances or overdrawn your bank account. 

Unfortunately, the practice of misleading customers by giving inaccurate estimates and charging hidden fees isn’t exactly uncommon in the portable storage and moving industry. Some of the larger chains that don’t focus on customer service/experience may wrongfully give out quotes much lower than what the actual cost will be. This often ties in with the issue of hidden fees.  

Hidden fees are often thrown onto the final bill and leaves the customer without any other option but to pay it since the service was also rendered. These hidden fees may have been completely omitted from the original quote. More commonly, hidden fees were included as fine print during the portable storage container rental agreement and not made expressly clear to the customer. 

Reputable, successful portable storage and moving companies never follow this practice and also ensure customers know exactly what they’re paying for.  

Cool Box believes all customers should know exactly how much they’ll be paying for their services before they even move forward with signing off on a portable storage rental. Every Cool Box portable storage unit rental starts off with an accurate estimate that completely outlines what services will be provided and how much it will cost.  

The quote you receive will be based on the information providing in their Instant Quote form, such as your location, the length of rental, whether you’ll need moving/storage/both services, and the size of container you’d like. 

Cool Box doesn’t charge any type of hidden fees nor do they throw in fuel surcharges. Cool Box offers all-inclusive pricing with no extra fees for customers located within 30 miles of one of the facilities. They refer to this as their “Four Free Movements” which means you don’t pay anything extra as long as you’re within 30 miles of a Cool Box facility and don’t require your unit to be moved more than four times. 

In the event you do live outside of the 30 mile zone, Cool Box only charges a reasonable mileage fee and nothing more. 

Quality #3 – Their Service Performance Exceeds Customer and Competitor Expectations 

The final quality of a successful portable storage container rental company is that the services they provide exceed the expectations of their customers and competition. In essence, the best portable storage and rental companies truly go an extra step when it comes to the services they offer.  

As portable storage and moving services grow in popularity, more and more businesses are popping up across the country. Despite the competition, Cool Box stands out from rest in a number of different ways.  

Some examples of Cool Box’s high-performance business model include: 

  • Constructing their durable steel portable storage containers in the US 
  • All of their portable storage units are insulated 
  • Multiple sizes of portable storage units available 
  • The largest portable storage unit is 20′ 
  • No charges if you decide to store your unit 
  • Customers control where to store their unit (at residence or at Cool Box) 
  • Price-matching on comparable quotes from competitors 

The way a company designs its portable storage containers is really going to affect your experience as a customer. Poorly designed portable storage units can make loading and unloading difficult, not to increase the risk of a break-in and theft. 

Cool Box not only constructs their portable storage units from steel, but they take it a step further by insulating their containers. This keeps the interior 10F to 15F cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Having a bit of climate control helps keep your belongings safe and makes it more comfortable for you to be inside the container when loading/unloading. 

Cool Box offers three different portable storage container sizes in 12′, 16′, and 20′ lengths. While 12′ and 16′ containers aren’t too uncommon, the 20′ container is fairly rare. Normally if you needed a 20′ container you’d be stuck with renting a moving truck, but thanks to Cool Box keeping their containers compact (only 8′ wide) you get the space without sacrificing portability.  

Cool Box even uses specially designed moving trucks to allow their drivers to place storage units easily in driveways and other tight spaces. 

Aside from the containers themselves, Cool Box really provides superior service in how they give customers control over the process. Even if you originally rented your Cool Box storage unit for moving, if you do decide you’d like to store some of your belongings you won’t be charged. You can also choose whether to store your Cool Box portable storage container at your own home or at a Cool Box facility. 

The final example of how Cool Box really shows customers and competitors that they’re serious about providing the best portable storage and moving services possible is their price-match guarantee. If you have a comparable quote from a competitor for the rental of a 12′, 16′, or 20′ container for X amount of time, Cool Box will meet or beat it with the same service.

Are You Ready to Work with Cool Box Portable Storage?


Cool Box not only has all top 3 qualities of a successful storage container rental company, but they also go above and beyond to provide customers with the best experience possible.  

When you’re ready to take the first step towards renting a Cool Box portable storage container of your own, simply visit their website and fill out the Instant Online Quote form found in the sidebar of nearly every page. You can also get a quote by visiting their online Customer Portal

If you prefer speaking with someone directly or if you have questions about Cool Box, simply give them a call or, if your question isn’t urgent, send an email! In the meantime, feel free to visit the Blog for helpful posts on moving and storing with Cool Box Portable Storage.  

Emily Adams