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What Our Customers Are Saying…

Cool Box Customer Reviews

We love hearing feedback from our customers especially when it’s about how much they loved using our services. To read these reviews and more, please visit our page here.

Saving The Day: “This placed saved the day when I had to move out of my place and then found out my new place wasn’t ready.  It saved me the trouble of having to move my stuff onto a moving truck, then out of the moving truck and into storage, then back again.  There also isn’t that pressure you have with a moving truck knowing you have to get it back at a certain time.”

– O.S. from Las Vegas, Nevada

BOOM! Yes O.S. this is why we’re here!!

Short & Sweet: “Such an easy process. They deliver the pod, you fill it, and they pick it up. Convenient, effortless, and at a reasonable price.”

– Cristin B. from Fort Worth, Texas

Wow, thanks, CB we couldn’t have said it better!

It’s The People: “The sales person was very pleasant and helpful with all of my questions. When the driver arrived he was no rushing me and placed the boxes carefully and just where I had requested him to drop them. He took his time and was patient. I loved that the Cool Boxes were cool and even my candles didn’t melt. I would highly recommend this company and product.”

– Georgette from San Diego, California

Our call center feels the love. Thanks, Georgette!

How Cool Box can help you!

These great reviews are giving us all the feels. Cool Box offers portable storage for any of your needs. Getting ready for a remodel? Moving but don’t want the stress of renting a truck and getting it back in a timely manner? Cool Box allows you to move or store your belongings on your timeline. Keep the box one month or a year, it’s all up to you! We always offer all-inclusive pricing that beats the competition.

Just a few more customer reviews…

No Hesitation: “Best and Cheapest! What an awesome way to store your belongings when moving. Working with Cool Box was a great experience. They were prompt, communicative and the most convenient and economical storage option. Do not hesitate to use them! – Diane Stefano from San Diego, California

That’s our goal, Diane!

A Few Kind Words To Our Most Esteemed Driver, Chris who has been described as:

“friendly, efficient and just seemed like a great person in the few minutes that we talked”


“awesome, did a super job, she is a great driver”

” very down to earth and very accommodating when placing the cool box specifically where I wanted it to be… very precise and a pro at what she does”

“very helpful and knowledgeable”

and one of my personal favorites, “I wish I had thought to record the grace with which she handled the truck.

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Cool Box Portable Storage Head Quarters is located in Tucson, AZ. We serve multiple cities in AZ, CA, NV, OK, TX and UT.

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