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By / Emily Adams

Why Your Portable Storage Container Should be Insulated

When you’re comparing different portable storage container companies, you’re probably focusing on factors such as rental pricing, storage container size, long-term storage options, etc. It is important to also consider the design and construction of the containers themselves. 

If you’re looking for a portable storage container for rent consider that the unit you choose will be all that protects your belongings from outside conditions. Whether you only need storage for a couple of weeks to a year or more, it’s important to look for portable storage container companies that offer durable, insulated storage containers. 

Cool Box Portable Storage Units are Insulated to Protect Your Belongings 

No one wants to live in a home without proper insulation, and the same idea should apply to perspective portable storage containers for rent. Insulation isn’t just about warmth, but rather about overall climate control. 

The average portable storage container for rent you’ll see is essentially a simple steel box with a large door. Steel is certainly a durable material, but on its own, offers very little insulation. On hot summer days, it can attract heat and feel like an oven inside without insulation. On cold winter days, it can feel more like a freezer. Not to mention, consistent swings in temperature can cause even more damage than steady high or low temperatures. 

Not many portable storage container companies offer insulated storage units, which allows Cool Box Portable Storage to stand out from the competitors. 

Cool Box Portable Storage containers come in three different sizes – 12′, 16′, and 20′ long models. The containers are 8′ tall by 8′ wide (12′ is only 7′ wide). The Cool Box units are constructed right here in the United States and ensures the builders follow strict construction guidelines to guarantee maximum protection. 

Cool Box portable storage containers are made of steel and are fully insulated to maintain a more comfortable interior temperature. You can expect the interior of your Cool Box to be between 10 ̊F to 15 ̊F cooler than outside temperatures. 

There are several reasons why at Cool Box we decided to insulate the units, but it was driven by the company’s goal of giving customers the best experience possible by keeping their belongings safe. 

The Benefits of Cool Box Insulated Portable Storage Units 

Cool Box offers many advantages to its customers versus competing portable storage container companies, with insulated construction being a significant factor. 

Here are the 6 major advantages to using a Cool Box insulated portable storage unit: 

  • Heat and Cold Kept at Bay – Both hot and cold temperatures can cause damage to furniture and other belongings one’s storage. By staying 10 ̊F to 15 ̊F cooler or warmer than outside temps, your items will be protected from the highest and lowest climates of the season.
  • Reduced Temperature Fluctuations – That 10 ̊F-15 ̊F buffer also means the temperature inside your portable storage unit will fluctuate less. Swings from hot to cold can cause damage to wooden and leather furniture as well as electronic appliances.
  • More Comfortable to Stand In – You’ll find it more comfortable to stand in your portable storage unit while sorting, moving, and stacking boxes if you’re not shivering cold or sweating buckets. 
  • Less Dust and Dirt on Your Items – The insulated walls not only create a barrier from outside temperatures, but also against the outside wall of the container. This added layer helps stop outside dirt and dust from seeping into the unit through tiny cracks in the construction. 
  • Protection Against Pests – The layer of insulation also helps stops pests, like insects, from getting into your portable storage container in the same way it keeps dust out. 
  • Added Durability and Strength – The thicker walls and overall quality construction of Cool Box insulated portable storage containers helps solidify the peace of mind you’ll have to know your belongings are safe. 

There are really no disadvantages of selecting an insulated portable storage unit over an uninsulated alternative. All Cool Box portable storage containers for rent are insulated and the company will meet or beat comparable quotes from competitors – even if they are uninsulated. As long as they offer the same service (i.e. same container size and length of rental), you’ll be taken care of.  

What Can You Store in an Insulated Portable Storage Unit? 

The simple answer is – you can store anything in an insulated portable storage container for rent, as long as it’s deemed acceptable by the company. In fact, you can safely store a wider range of items in an insulated portable storage container than an uninsulated one because of the benefits mentioned above.

A lot of common furniture and decor items are sensitive to temperature. Storing them for any length of time in an uninsulated portable storage unit can lead to damage.  

Some example of items that need the protection of an insulated portable storage unit include: 

  • Wooden Furniture 
  • Leather Furniture 
  • Upholstered Furniture 
  • Antiques 
  • Appliances 
  • Collectibles 
  • General Artwork 
  • Music Instruments 
  • Craft Supplies 

As mentioned, almost every company will have a basic list of items that you can and can’t store in their portable storage containers for rent. These include certain chemicals, items that may attract insects, hazard materials, flammable liquids, and more. For more information on what Cool Box doesn’t allow in their line of portable storage containers for rent, you’ll need to get in contact with a customer rep.  

Aside from what Cool Box does and doesn’t allow in storage, you should practice good judgment when it comes to what should be included in an insulated portable storage container. Individuals with highly prized/rare possessions or items that are extremely fragile when it comes to climate still should be careful.  

A Quick Note About Highly Valuable and Hypersensitive Items 

Insulated portable storage units are perfect for the average person, but keep in mind if you have very valuable items that are hypersensitive to temperature and humidity, you may consider renting a true climate-controlled storage unit. 

You can find self-storage companies that specialize in 100% climate-controlled units that keep a consistent ambient temperature and humidity levels. This option would be best for priceless antiques, original and highly valuable artwork, stamp or coin collections, wine collections, and any other item that needs careful attention. 

For typical household furniture and appliances, a Cool Box portable storage unit is a great way to go, but for special cases, you may need to consider an alternative. If you’re unsure about whether an insulated Cool Box is the right choice for your items, just give customer service a call and an agent will help you make an informed decision. 

Keep Your Belongings Safe with Cool Box Insulated Portable Storage Containers


Insulated portable storage units are the right way to go when you value your belongings and want to ensure safekeeping. The overall design is insulated portable storage containers for rent as well as the premium service provided, setting us apart from the competition.  

Cool Box is a family-run company that is all about offering customers easier, more accessible moving and storage options. They handle all the driving, give you a rush-free schedule for moves, and a limitless timeline for how long you’d like to store your Cool Box unit. In fact, if you’re moving and decide halfway into your move that you’ll need to store, Cool Box won’t even charge a fee. 

Despite being the only company to offer insulated portable storage containers for rent, Cool Box has highly competitive pricing. Not only do they match comparable quotes, but they also have a Four Free Movements policy for all customers within a 30-mile radius of a Cool Box facility. That means no fuel surcharges, no hidden fees, and transparent all-inclusive pricing. Even if you live outside of the 30-mile radius, Cool Box will only include a simple mileage fee that is made clear in your rental agreement before you sign. 

For more information on Cool Box, you can visit our website or take a look at our blog, where you’ll find helpful tips and tricks on moving and storing with portable storage units.  

If you’re ready to get an insulated Cool Box of your own, all you need to do is Get a Quote through the online customer portal or you can call an agent directly to help you get started. 

Emily Adams