Do It Yourself (DITY) Move

You’ve received your first PCS order and are contemplating a Do It Yourself (DITY) move. Or you’ve done a non-DITY move before and want to opt for a DITY move this time. Either way, there are significant advantages to a DITY move.

Who is Eligible? For starters, DITY (also referred to as a PPM) is a voluntary program that is eligible for military personnel who are on a Temporary Additional Duty (TAD), Temporary Duty (TDY), or Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move. It’s also applicable if you’re moving to or from government quarters, separating, or retiring under orders.

How it Works: Under a DITY or Personally Procured Move (PPM) move as it is referred to, you may volunteer to move your belongings yourself instead of having the government do it for you. With a DITY move, you receive a reimbursement of 95% of the amount it would cost the government to move your belongings.

Why Opt for a DITY Move?

If this is your first PCS, it can be stressful, which may increase the temptation for you to take advantage of the government-executed move. However, opting for a DITY move may reduce stress as it eliminates some of the disadvantages of having the government move your belongings like lack of control over the move and its schedule.

A DITY move-army allows control over your belongings and moving timeline, apart from the ability to make money out of it. You can even opt for a partial DITY if you’re unable to cope with the extensive work involved when doing the entire move yourself.

Here are 5 great benefits of opting for a DITY move:

Money Matters

Regardless of how much you actually spend on the move, you’re eligible for a 95 % reimbursement of the amount it would cost the government to move you. All you need to do for a reimbursement is submit a claim with the required documents and expense bills within 45 days after the move. If you execute the move in a cost-efficient manner, you will likely make a profit on your move after receiving the reimbursement. Additionally, you may be eligible for a travel allowance for you and your family, depending upon the time and distance factors. You can even apply for an advance payment to help with your moving expenses.

If you plan carefully, it’s easy to move your belongings at a relatively low cost. Consider using Cool Box portable moving storage units, which are reasonably priced and available in three sizes so you can choose the right option based on the number of belongings you want to move.

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Ensure Safety of your Belongings

One of the surest ways of safely moving your precious stuff is packing and moving it yourself. If you want it to arrive in one piece at your new destination, consider moving it yourself. There have been instances of poorly executed non-DITY moves which caused damage to the belongings.

Time Flexibility & Savings

With a PPM, you will receive additional time to make the move, over and above the permissive travel time. Moreover, with our easy packing and moving tips, you can efficiently and safely pack and load your belongings, saving time for you to relax and settle in your new place.

While moving your belongings yourself to save time may seem counterproductive, with military moves you may spend considerable time waiting for your movers to arrive, depending on the number of moves that are scheduled to execute on the given day. Furthermore, a DITY move allows you the flexibility to choose your moving date and ensure that you can relocate within the stipulated time, especially if it’s at short notice.

Minimize Stress

A military move may not turn out to be as stress-free as it may seem. After all, there’s a certain peace of mind when you have planned and executed the move yourself rather than having to anxiously guess whether your belongings will make it in one piece and within the scheduled arrival, especially pertinent in case of short notice PCS orders.

No Weight Limits

A DITY move has no weight limitations. This contrasts with a military move that has weight restrictions based on military rank, making you liable for expenses incurred for additional weight that exceeds the given allowance.

As is evident from the points above, a DITY move can be extremely beneficial and stress-free if done right. Moreover, opting for Cool Box portable moving containers can enhance the ease and efficiency of your move. All our units are insulated to protect your furniture from extreme heat or cold weather. Furthermore, you can start estimating the cost of storing your belongings for a DITY move by simply filling out the Instant Quote form. Cool Box will match and often beat competitors’ quotes for the same specifications.

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