23 May


By / Emily Adams

How Portable Storage Units Can Help Your Long or Short-Distance Move

Whether you’re on the lookout for affordable and convenient storage solutions or moving to another location, Cool Box portable storage units can make your move seamless. We offer insulated storage containers that can be delivered right to your doorstep. You can take all the time you want to load them.  

When you’re ready, we’ll arrive to pick up your portable storage units and move them to your brand-new home or to our secure location if you wish to store them. You also have the option to keep our portable storage units with you for as long as you wish, if your move goes longer than originally planned. 

Interested yet? If not, let’s talk about how portable storage units can help you with your long or short-distance move.  

We Meet or Beat the Quotes from Our Competitors 

We realize that most major local stores offer great price-matching guarantees for everything from a television to a toaster – and everything in between. For this very reason, we would like to offer you the same (or even better) on local moving quotes! 

Cool Box takes the portable storage units service one step ahead to offer our customers everything that our competitor may be offering, and more. Once you have raised this concern, you will also find that we offer you a comparable quote – a quote that most other companies will strive to beat. 

However, make sure that the comparable quotes match the specifications of our portable storage units. For example, if you have received a quote for a 12” portable storage unit for about a month of rental, then Cool Box will design a comparable quote for the same size storage boxes.  

All you will have to do to get yourself a comparable quote is get in touch with us via phone or email. Once you do that, our agents will review your quote and match it with our existing offerings. Finally, our agent will either match your quote or offer you something that is much lower! 

No Hidden Fuel Surcharges or Fees  

Since we have already discussed how much we strive for giving our clients the best quotes for our services, it wouldn’t account for much if we have hidden fees – right? This is a dirty trick that most companies like to pull off. We realize how annoying this can be and, therefore, would like to offer our clients something entirely different.  

Unfortunately, the practice of hidden charges isn’t very uncommon in the industry for portable storage units. You may have been tricked in the past with some of the larger storage companies out there because of their surprisingly cheap fees. This is because often their charges are tied with an assortment of well-hidden fees.  

These hidden fees are then added in the final bill of these companies where the customer is left with no option but to pay through. Keep in mind that, sometimes, the hidden fee is completely omitted from the original quote. Well, this is because the hidden fee is usually camouflaged in the fine print  

We realize that this practice is not reputable, and a company affects its relationship with its customers by doing so. Therefore, our service for portable storage units avoid all kinds of hidden fees.  

At Cool Box, we believe that our customers should know about every little detail and what they will be paying for when they rent our portable storage units. This is why you will find that all of our portable storage units will be provided to you with accurate estimates with extensive detail about what you are paying for.  

The quote you receive will be based on the information provided in the Instant Quote form, such as your location, the length of rental, whether you’ll need moving/storage/both services, and the size of the container you’d like. 

At Cool Box, we take pride in making our service one step above by offering low flat pricing for customers that are located within 30 miles of one of our facilities.

But what happens if you live outside of the aforementioned 30-mile zone? Well, Cool Box will only charge you a reasonable mileage fee.  

You Wouldn’t Be Charged if You Decide to Store

Another advantage of Cool Box’s portable storage units is that we offer our clients the option for long-term storage if that is what they need during their move. How is this different from what our competitors are offering? 

Well, you may already know that most other storage and moving companies charge for long-term storage. Cool Box, on the other hand, doesn’t operate like this. We encourage our customers to store their belongings with us for as long as they need. If this is what you need, we’ll be more than happy to help and you wouldn’t be charged. 

The longer you store – the more you will save! 

Quick Deliveries Will Save You Time During the Service 

Once your portable storage units are packed and ready to move, the last thing you would want is a delayed and sloppy service. Delay in service not only stalls your move unnecessarily for an extended time period but it is also extremely frustrating to see your belonging piled up in your home while your new house sits empty.  

Cool Box knows all about your frustration and this is why we want to help our clients move their portable storage units as soon as possible. The busiest months of our services tend to be April through September, whereas October through March proves to be a little slow. Even though this is the case, we will still be able to move your portable storage units on the day you want! 

What’s more? If you are experiencing a time-crunch during your move, you can go ahead and contact our customer service representative to help you out. Our reps will be able to give you a better idea of your driver’s itinerary and how soon your portable storage units will be relocated.  

Are You Interested In Our Portable Storage Units Yet? 

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At this point, we hope that Cool Box not only has answered all your questions regarding how portable storage units can help you. We guarantee that our services will go beyond expectations to provide the best relocating experience possible.  

Now that you’re ready to take choose our Cool Box portable storage units, simply visit our website and fill out our Instant Online Quote form.  

If you wish to talk to one of our customer representatives or have any further questions about our services at Cool Box, simply give us a call or send us an email! Lastly, feel free to visit our blog for more information about storing and moving with Cool Box Portable storage units.   

Emily Adams