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How To Properly Tape A Box

Is there a proper and secure way to tape a box? Yes, there is. We’ve been in the moving and storage business for over 13 years. We believe that the best way to tape a box is the h-method taping.

Step 1

First, Identify the bottom of the box. Next, assemble the box so that the flap folds in, it should look something like this:

Good Box 

Why is this better than the next image? the flaps of the box create weight distribution, and produces the least amount of openings.

Bad Box

While this is a way to fold the flaps down, and I have used it before, it is NOT the best way to move your belongings.

Place a strip of tape down the middle of the box. Be sure to give enough tension to allow the tape to securely stick to the other side of the box but not too much tension to have it snap or peel off.  It should look similar to the picture below. 

Next, You’ll add a piece of tape on each side of the box to avoid moisture and buggies from getting inside. It should look like the picture below. Firmly press down on the tape and spread out to firmly stick to the box.

Learn How to Properly Tape a Box with Cool Box Portable Storage
How to Properly Tape a Packing Box with Cool Box Portable Storage

Remember, when your putting the tape down the middle, be sure to align the center of the tape with the center of the flaps and leave about 2 inches on each end of the tape so it can securely stick to the box. 

Repeat this step at least twice for more protection.

How to Properly Tape a Box | Cool Box Portable Storage

Congratulations, if you followed the steps and have enclosed your packing box. It should look like the image below. 

Cool Box Portable Storage shows you how to tape a moving box for secure storage
Taping your box for packing and moving

If you are moving something that has a small center of gravity and need more weight distribution you can use the h-method for taping your box and then add additional support using the x-tape method. By including the x-method of taping, you now have properly secure box.

Want an extra tip? 

Take a look at the bottom of the box, when you’re packing and moving. It should tell you how much weight can be held inside the formed box.

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