Content Insurance For Your Belongings

Cool Box is excited to announce that we have partnered with Storage Protectors to provide our customers with a content insurance solution. While we do not require you to ensure your belongings we strongly recommend purchasing insurance. While we always do our best to take care of your belongings while they’re with us, accidents do happen.

What Does This Mean For Our Customers

Storage Protectors offers affordable options to purchase insurance for your belongings while being stored in a Cool Box. While Cool Box does not require you to obtain insurance through Storage Protectors, we do require that you fill out our insurance form either accepting a coverage amount or opting out of insurance with Storage Protectors for every container you rent from us. If you choose to opt-out of insurance through Storage Protectors you are welcome to obtain your own insurance. Cool Box Portable Storage is not responsible for any damage to belongings. You can fill out our form opting in or out of insurance below. 

Once opted to insure your belongings with Storage Protectors, your monthly insurance will be billed at the same time as your rent for the container.

Coverage Price Options

  • $2,000 Coverage/$12.99 Monthly
  • $3,000 Coverage/$15.99 Monthly
  • $5,000 Coverage/$21.99 Monthly
  • $10,000 Coverage/$39.99 Monthly
  • $15,000 Coverage/$54.99 Monthly

All Contents Insurance Coverage amounts up to $10,000 carry a $250 deductible. Any amount over $10,000 carries a $500 deductible.

Storage Protectors Coverage

  • Storage Protectors offers insurance coverage for your personal belongings while in the storage container. Some of the covered causes of loss (physical loss or damage to property covered) include the following:
  • Fire, lightning, sonic boom, explosion, windstorm, hail, smoke, aircraft, vehicles, riot, civil commotion, vandalism, sinkhole collapse
  • Falling objects, provided the building or container is first damaged by such falling objects.
  • Burglary
  • and more…

Please download and review the enrollment disclosure summary of  coverage for a more comprehensive list of coverages.

Summary of Coverage PDF

Insurance Form