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Unique Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th, 2020, and it’s coming up very fast! If you’re not prepared, never fear, that’s what we’re here for. A lot of folks might purchase a gift card or something quick off of Amazon with one-day delivery as a gift for mom just days before Mother’s Day. Those gift ideas are fine, but moms deserve the very best and perfect gifts for all that they do for our families and communities.

For this Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a gift guide to help you give your mom something special that she won’t forget. Especially considering the uncertain times we are all living in, now more than ever it’s important that we express our love and appreciation for our moms.

21st Century Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Traditional Mother’s Day gifts include flowers, cards, jewelry, and so on. Once again, these aren’t bad gifts for mom, and we’re not judging those who purchase those things. To think outside of the box, look at some of the ways technology has changed our world and how you can use that to your advantage to get the perfect gift for your mom.

For example, you can purchase subscription services or pay for existing subscription services your loved one already pays for. This could be Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, or any of the services that use a similar model.

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Similarly, you can purchase subscription boxes that deliver things like clothing and makeup on a monthly basis. These subscription boxes are a uniquely modern take on the traditional mother’s day gift of jewelry and makeup.

Homebodys Rejoice!

For the mom who loves to snuggle up on the couch with a book, upgrade her paperback to an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The e-reader is affordable and available with Prime, so you can have it delivered ASAP before Mother’s Day! At the time of writing it is also on sale, making for a great Mother’s Day Deal.

To go with that e-reader, you could also look into purchasing a weighted blanket for nighttime couch reading. Weighted blankets provide comfort, and the effect of the weight on the body has been known to provide a calming effect. After years of cooking, cleaning, and raising children, every mom could use some relaxation and tranquility!

unique mother's day gift idea, mother's day deals on e-readers kindle paperwhite

Get Crafty

Okay, so you’ve missed the deadline to order products online, and many retailers are closed right now depending on where you live. You need a last minute Mother’s Day gift, and you need to be able to create it at home. Let’s get crafty! Attention dads: These ideas are also a great way to get the kids involved in your homemade Mother’s Day gift.

Photo Coasters – This one requires mod podge and a coaster or white tile, but we’re sure crafty folks reading this probably already have them on hand. Print out a photo your mom would love on card stock, and cut it to match the shape/size of the coaster. Brush mod podge on the back of the photo and carefully place it on to the coaster/tile, and ensure it’s centered. Seal the photo by brushing over the top with mod podge.

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Handmade Cards – Put that construction paper to use and build mom a personalized Mother’s Day card. First, create a simple card by creasing the paper down the middle. Then cut unique shapes, like flowers or butterflies, and small punch holes in the card. Use string or floss to then attach the shapes to the card. A last-minute Mother’s Day card is a thoughtful gift, but mom will appreciate the extra effort if it came from your hands.

Customized Apron – For the mom that loves to bake, give her a personalized touch to her favorite apron. You can paint a message, her name, or even dip a hand in paint and place a handprint on the apron. This is a unique mother’s day gift idea that is extremely easy to do, and she will remember the gesture every time she puts it on!

Hidden Mother’s Day Gifts Around the House

Fathers – we have a tip for you. Sometimes the smallest gesture means the world to the mom who carries the world on her shoulders. You can start small – cleaning the kitchen, doing her laundry, sweeping/mopping, and so on. These are gifts you could give her at any time, but a unique Mother’s Day gift idea requires a little more elbow grease.

The perfect gift around the house depends on the person. If mom cherishes memories and has a lot of photos and picture frames around the house, build her a shelf in the living room to prominently display those photos. If mom is a master chef, you can create a more organized and efficient environment in the kitchen with a couple of easy tricks:

Hanging Pots/Pans – Use an adjustable rod that can fit snug in the open between two cabinets to hang bulky items that take up too much cabinet space. You can also do this over the sink to hang items to dry after washing.

Unique last-minute mother's day gift ideas, kitchen remodel, kitchen utensils, hanging pots and pans

Reorganize the Fridge – The refrigerator might be the most important but overlooked part of the kitchen when it comes to cleaning and organizing. First, clean out the kitchen and discard the bottle of sauce that expired two years ago – we promise, you won’t need it later.

Next, organize the fridge based on fruits, veggies, and meat first – then by size. Make sure everything has its own unique place and will be easy to remove/replace later. This unique Mother’s Day gift will be a welcome surprise the next time mom opens the fridge!

Store, store, store – and store some more! – Depending on your family style, you might have many different places to store things. Some people store in a shed, some in the garage, some in the basement – but for mom, having the ease to access important items she may not use on a daily basis is crucial.

Think about all of the various cookware, crafting supplies, and clothing/accessories that can take up space in a cabinet or closet. While you’re already looking for ways to clean up around the house as a unique gift for Mother’s Day, what better than a Mother’s Day deal to make the process even easier.

The Most Unique Mother’s Day Gift of All – Storage

Unique Mother's Day Gift, Storage, Organizing, Decluttering

An important but underrated part of our homes that we might all take for granted is storage. Storage space in the kitchen, garage, back yard, and so on is at a premium and usually very hard to come by. Mom is always looking for creative ways to organize. Give her a special place to put things that will keep her important items safe but still accessible – in a portable storage unit.

Cool Box Portable Storage offers insulated storage containers that can be placed anywhere on your property. Mom will love having the convenience of a self-storage unit right outside her door. Better yet, if she doesn’t want to keep it at the house, Cool Box will store the unit (full of her belongings!) at no additional rental cost. If you’re moving, Cool Box will pick up the unit at your old house and bring it to the new house when you’re ready to move in, giving you as much time as you need to load and unload. Call and speak to an agent at 888-943-8266.

We hope this guide to finding the perfect unique last-minute Mother’s Day gift has provided you with some good ideas, as well as a good opportunity for mother’s day deals. No matter what you get for Mother’s Day, we’re sure she will appreciate the effort and the gesture.



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