Local Moving with Cool Box

Whether your local move is for a one, two- or three-bedroom home, Cool Box has you covered. We are a local moving and storage company that is committed to making your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Why worry about trying to find a moving truck plus a moving company when you can have it all in one with Cool Box local moving services.

As a local moving and storage company that has been in the industry for over 10 years, we have seen what has and hasn’t worked with competitors and have perfected the process. We want to share our moving experiences with you and ensure you have nothing but a smooth and happy adjustment into your new home.

What Container Size is Right for Your Local Move

To avoid damage and get the most for your money, it makes the most sense to rent a portable storage unit for your local move that is as big as you need. To help you get the most affordable service possible, we offer our Cool Box storage units in three different sizes.

Our 12ft Cool Box is the perfect compact size for holding the equivalent of a studio or one-bedroom apartment’s worth personal goods. It’s also a great size for individuals or couples who aren’t moving any large furniture.

Couples or a small family living in a smaller or two-bedroom apartment will find the 16ft Cool Box to offer a sufficient amount of space for all of their belongings for their local move. 

If you’re locally moving from a larger house and have about a three-bedroom apartment worth of furniture and goods, our 20ft Cool Box should have the space you are looking for. Our competitors, including PODS and 1-800-PACK-RAT, do not offer containers large enough to store all the belongings for a 3+ bedroom house.

How it Works

We are the solution for your next local moving expedition. For your convenience, we bring the container right to your driveway. Once we drop the storage container off, fill it up at your leisure. When you are ready, call us and we will either take it to your new home, or store it for you at one of our local moving container locations.  

We offer delivery and pick up for local moving if your home or destination is within 30 miles of our location. Take the stress out your local moving experience by using a Cool Box as your local moving and storage company.

Contact Us Today

Don’t wait! Our customer service representatives are waiting to assist you and take the stress out of your local moving adventure. We guarantee to offer you low prices that will meet or even beat the competition. Get your quote today, and have a stress-free tomorrow.