Long Distance Moving with Cool Box

Cool Box Portable Storage offers a variety of services, including on-site storage, local moving, military moving, and long distance moving. Our long distance moving service offers the convenience of having a moving container delivered right to your door, combined with a stress-free delivery process that is easier and often cheaper than a traditional moving service. Learn more about how Cool Box moving containers for long distance can ease the stress of a big move.

How it Works

Long distance moves with Cool Box are made easy with portable moving containers delivered right to your location. Here’s how our moving process works:

  • Cool Box drops off the moving container at your location
  • You load the container
  • Cool Box picks up the container and drives it to our local yard
  • A freighting company picks up the container and delivers to the Cool Box facility in the city you are moving to
  • Cool Box driver delivers the container to your new home

If you are looking to move to a new state within our network of service locations, see how easy Cool Box can make your move with these 3 easy steps.

1. Verify that you are moving to a location that we service

Cool Box may help you with a long distance move so long as you are moving to an area that we service. Visit our portable storage locations page to see if your moving destination is within our network. If the city you are moving to is not listed, keep in mind that Cool Box can deliver your portable storage container up to 100 miles from each of our local facilities.

2. Estimate how many furnishings and belongings you plan to move

When moving out of state, you do not want to waste any unused space in your storage container or be caught with a lack of space at the last minute. As soon as you have decided to move, start to visualize the number of belongings you will definitely be bringing with you. Refer to our moving checklist to help guide you through this process. Once you have an idea of how many boxes and furnishings you will be packing, speak to our representatives who can recommend the perfect size moving container.

3. Contact our representatives for a customized quote

While our long distance moving services are priced differently than on-site storage or local moving services, we will always do everything we can to ensure you are getting the best price. By working directly with a network of freight companies, we are able to compare freighting prices based on seasonal demand and choose the service that best fits your long distance moving needs. To receive a customized quote for a long distance move, give our moving and relocation specialists a call at 888-943-8266.

Contact Us Today

All of our moving containers for long distance moving are priced according to your specific situation. Once you have decided to start your move with Cool Box, contact our representatives, who will explain the long distance moving process, all of the costs involved, and the best pricing options for you. Because of the several steps involved in the process, your total price quote will include the following:

  • Initial delivery fee
  • Final pickup fee
  • Freight fee

Speak to a representative today to start your long distance move with Cool Box Portable Storage!