Military Storage Units

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While a military move may not be necessarily easy, it is an inevitable aspect of defense life. In some instances, you have several months to plan and prepare for your move, while at other times you may have short notice. Either way, it’s essential that you organize your belongings and separate items that you would like to put into long or short-term storage.

Once you’re done sorting things and have a fair idea as to what items need to be stored, it’s time to begin your hunt for the right military storage unit. To simplify the process for you, we’ve compiled an easy guide to the most frequently asked questions about military storage units. With this guide, we hope to reduce some of the stress involved in a military move.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

This question can be best answered when you’ve sorted your things into three categories:

  1. Belongings that you want to carry with you.
  2. Belongings that you need to discard or donate.
  3. Belongings that you wouldn’t need on an immediate basis and would like to store some place safe and secure.

Pile together or stack the items meant to be stored for an estimate of the required size of the military storage unit, if you can. Refer to our guide to choosing the right size storage container to help you choose the best option.

Is Climate-Controlled Storage Essential?

Whether you need climate-controlled storage or not depends on factors like the type of items you need to store and the weather of the city/region that you wish to store in. If, for instance, you plan on storing your items in a region with extreme temperatures, high humidity, or sudden temperature fluctuations, then it’s best to store in a temperature-controlled or insulated military storage unit. Some items need to be stored in a temperature-controlled unit to prevent damage, warping, shrinkage, or discoloration. For instance, items like musical instruments, paperwork, furniture, electronic gadgets and appliances, leather, antiques, artwork, and collectibles need to be stored in insulated storage containers to prevent damage of any kind.

Do I Get Military Discounts?

Cool Box is proud to offer military discounts as a token of our appreciation towards all service men and women. Contact us at 1-888-943-8266 to learn more about military discounts.

What Do I Need for Reimbursement of Storage Costs?

To file a reimbursement claim for temporary storage costs of personal property for 90 days or less, you are required to complete a DD form 1351-2 that is available at Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

 It is worth noting that the reimbursement rate does not include incentive payments and will be based on the cost that the government would incur to store the items with the same weight and volume specifications as yours.

How Do I Pack My Storage Unit?

Packing a storage unit efficiently can be tricky, so here are some easy packing tips to ensure you optimize the storage space your container offers:

  • Stack cardboard boxes (preferably identically sized) on top of each other to form a row or ‘wall.’
  • Place heavy and larger items at the bottom of the stack and lighter ones on top.
  • After stacking a row, secure each row with loading straps, and then secure objects at the front with straps to keep them from falling when the door is opened.
  • Use bedding and linens to wrap your fragile items and electronics before packing these in boxes.

To learn more easy packing tips, read Cool Box’s 5 tips on how to pack a portable storage unit.

If you have any questions about our military storage units or would like to discuss your requirements, simply contact us at 1-888-943-8266. Our representatives would love to hear from you and resolve any doubts or queries.