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Moving in the Summer

Moving in the summer takes preparation and hydration. If you’re from Arizona, you know that the summer heat is basically unbearable. If you can avoid being outside, you avoid it. Cool Box Portable Storage began right here in Tucson, Arizona where the heat is no joke. With the heat in mind, our Cool Box unit was designed with insulation to keep the temperature inside our boxes an average of 10 degrees cooler than outside.

Summer seems to be the most popular time for moving; this could be tied to the good weather or summer break when children are not in school. From the time school gets out in June until when it starts up again in August,  people are moving! Nearly half of all moves take place during from June РSeptember.

Summer Timeline for Moving

  • 4 weeks before move, talk to moving company.
  • 3 weeks before move, start packing! Pack like a pro with our packing tips.
  • 2 weeks before move, plan for your pets – consider boarding or ask a friend to pet-sit.
  • 1 week before move, recruit friends and family to help
  • 1 day before move, dress appropriately. You’ll probably want to wear light weight clothing and close-toed shoes.
  • On moving day, check AC in new home and take pics!

Remember: If it’s 100 degrees outside, car temperatures can sky rocket up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit in just ten minutes, this means almost everything left in your car will melt. And remember leather furniture sweats, so wrap it in plastic.

moving in the summer

Looking for even more professional tips? Check our our Complete Guide to Moving.



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