Guide to Living in Las Vegas: Everything You Need to Know

Famous casinos. The finest hotels. Slot machines. Neon lights. Showgirls. True to its reputation, Sin City offers all that and much more! That’s the way of life on the Strip! But beyond all things decadent, what’s Vegas all about? If you’re moving to Sin City, you’re surely not planning on staying put in a hotel forever or going partying every night.

Vegas offers much more than the general debauchery people associate it with. It offers affordable living (even in neighborhoods close to the Strip) and incredible job opportunities in industries outside of just entertainment and hospitality. Apart from gambling and fantastic nightlife, it also offers other fun things to do like hiking and water sports!

That’s precisely why there are two versions of Sin City: one that the locals know and another that the tourists come for. But hey, no reason why you can’t experience both while you’re living in Las Vegas!

Approximately 2.2 million people call the Vegas metropolitan area (or Greater Vegas as it’s also known) home[1], which also includes areas beyond the official limits of the primary city of Las Vegas, such as the regions in and around the Vegas Strip. Las Vegas is the most populated city in Nevada and the 28th most populated city in the United States. Let’s find out more about the reasons why the population of Las Vegas continues to grow every year.

Should I Move to Las Vegas?

Like all cities, Las Vegas has its quirks. It has drunk tourists (in the typical touristy areas which you can easily avoid) and one of the highest marriage and divorce rates. Living in Las Vegas takes some getting used to, but it has more pros than cons.

However, moving to Vegas is not a good idea for everyone, and certainly not for the faint-hearted. Here’s a guide to living in Las Vegas so you know what to expect when moving to the entertainment and gambling capital of the world.

1. Desert Weather

Living in Las Vegas has its perks, one of which is 300 plus days of sunshine a year. Since Sin City is located within the Mojave Desert, it experiences hot, desert weather. Summers are long while winters are short and chilly. It can get extremely hot in summer, with temperatures reaching up to 120 degrees. With desert weather, there are rarely rainstorms to provide relief from the dry heat.

Winters are highly anticipated here as they offer respite from the sweltering heat, with daytime temperatures in the range of 50 to 60 degrees. So it’s quite pleasant this time of the year. While nighttime temperatures can dip, you’ll really appreciate living in Las Vegas in winter, especially if you’re looking to escape the snow in other states!

2. Low Cost of Living

Another major perk of living in Las Vegas is that you wouldn’t have to pay through your nose to keep a roof over your head like other major cities in the country. The median home value of a house here is $273,800[2], compared to the national median value of $231,000[3].

Groceries and other goods are reasonably priced too. And to top it all off, Las Vegas has low taxes. Wallet Hub ranked Nevada 5th in terms of overall taxes and the 12th lowest for sales and excise tax. The combined sales tax of Las Vegas is 8.25%, 1 percent lower than that of Silicon Valley, California.

3. Las Vegas Job Market

Gallup ranked Las Vegas 1st in the job creation index in 2017[4]. The tourism and hospitality industries primarily support the economy of Vegas. In fact, most of Las Vegas’ facilities like schools and infrastructure are primarily funded by its tourism sector. There’s a ton of jobs in both the tourism and hospitality industry, and bartenders and servers here can score a six-figure income annually!

But relocating to Las Vegas is a good idea even if the hospitality industry is not for you. It has other well-developed sectors too like information technology, aerospace & defense, natural resources, construction, mining, production, and supply chain & management. Vegas is home to many IT companies, some of which include Influential, Aristocrat, and iStreamPlanet. The tech startup scene is bright too with companies like NRT Technology, Emprove Inc., Pigeonly, and many others.

Most businesses are primarily drawn by the ease and low cost of doing business in Vegas. Nevada has no personal income tax, no franchise tax, no inventory tax, no inheritance tax, and no estate tax. It comes as no surprise that last year, Tax Foundation ranked Nevada 5th in terms of the overall state business tax climate.

Vegas also draws in a large number of business visitors every year thanks to its infrastructure, exceptional convention facilities, international airport, and of course, its amazing dining, entertainment, and nightlife scene.

4. No State Income Tax

Nevada is one of only 7 states in the country with no state income tax! So, you get to keep all your income, which makes it extra worthwhile to live in Las Vegas. Imagine the amount one can save with no income tax!

5. The Dining Scene

Restaurant scene in Las Vegas

The dining scene in Las Vegas deserves as many accolades as the hype surrounding the gambling industry here. The city restaurants ranging from fine Michelin starred restaurants and casual diners take you on an incredible gastronomic journey, serving mouthwatering exotic delicacies to some of the best steaks in the world. And it also has farm-to-table and planet conscious restaurants that have taken the dining scene several notches higher.

6. The Outdoors

Amazing sunset at the Red Rock Canyon

Let’s dispel a common myth at the outset itself. Locals here don’t frequent the Strip or spend nights gambling away at casinos.

Instead, Vegas locals enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, skiing, rock climbing, and soaking in the sunshine alongside some of the varied natural beauty offered by the majestic mountains, stunning red rocks, beautiful lakes, and numerous state parks. Some renowned destinations are the Red Rock Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, and Lake Mead.

7. Top-Notch Entertainment

The city that houses the Strip understandably has amazing entertainment and nightlife options. Beyond the Strip, there’s a ton of entertainment options like world-renowned events such as the annual Las Vegas Film Festival and First Friday – a monthly event featuring arts, music, and food presentations.

It also hosts performing arts shows, concerts, and live music. Vegas is one of the most preferred destinations for major bands. In addition, the city houses several historical museums, and the Downtown Arts District attracts major art lovers from all over the world with a ton of galleries and events.

8. Driving is Easy

While public transportation is available, having a car will make it much easier to commute in Las Vegas. True, there are some traffic-congested areas like Downtown and the Strip. But most of the city is easy on traffic, making it a breeze to drive through.

Besides, you would need a car if you want to head outside the city and visit any of the outdoor destinations discussed above.

9. The City That Never Sleeps

Don’t worry, living in Las Vegas doesn’t mean that you’ll have to forego your night-time sleep even if you work a 9 to 5 job. It just means that it’s super easy to satisfy your midnight cravings for ramen noodles or pizza.

And this doesn’t apply only to places on the Strip! Restaurants, bars, lounges, nightclubs, and even pharmacies, grocery stores, and coffee shops operate 24 hours a day. Isn’t that convenient, especially on those nights when you want to dance till you drop or perhaps enjoy several rounds of drinks late into the night?

10. Your Friends Will Be Jealous of You

Your friends will be mighty jealous of you. Is that a good thing? Hell Yeah! Be sure to post pictures from the Strip, Michelin starred restaurants, renowned nightclubs, casinos, and outdoor attractions like the Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, and Mt. Charleston, to name just a few. When living in Las Vegas, your popularity is likely to soar, with friends and family dying to visit you.

All in all, Las Vegas’ many offerings are truly unique. However, it has an initial shock value, given that the infamous Strip is the most popular destination for all types of vices. So, our advice on moving to Las Vegas is that it may not be for everyone. Strip bars, casinos, showgirls, and tourists getting drunk and reveling in nights of debauchery is pretty much routine here.

Living in Las Vegas (particularly near the strip) may be a shock at first, but once you’ve adjusted to the partying lifestyle, Sin City is a great place to call home. So, the question really is: there’s no place like Vegas, but are you up to it?

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