09 Apr


By / Emily Adams

Which is Right for You? Moving Containers VS Moving Trucks

The Pros and Cons Of Moving Containers VS Moving Trucks Purchasing a new house or signing a lease on your new apartment is exciting, but the process of moving into your new home can feel like a challenge. Packing and unpacking your belongings can  be downright stressful, not to mention figuring out how you're going to move everything to your new

19 Mar


By / admin

Moving Containers Uncovered: Tips & Tricks for Moving with Ease

Tips & Tricks For A Stress-Free Move Moving into a new place is an exciting process, but one that can also be a bit overwhelming when you have an entire apartment or house to pack up. Portable storage and moving containers make moving easier by giving you complete control over the process. By being able to set your own pace for your move,

27 Jan


By / admin

Getting To Understand Moving Containers

Why Choose Cool Box Moving Containers Since the common understanding of portable storage is limited, it’s important that we explain exactly what storage containers -more commonly known as "moving containers"- are. Here at Cool Box, we have decided to discuss a few of the things that make moving containers, but more specifically our containers, different from all the other moving

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