16 Jul


By / Emily Adams

Types of Moving Storage Containers: Find the Best Fit

One of the most perplexing and crucial aspects of any move is figuring out which size moving storage container would be the best fit. With the option of more than one container size for moving, it can be challenging to zero in on the one that best suits your needs, especially when you haven’t even packed everything. Furthermore, the irony

10 Jul


By / Emily Adams

5 Tips on How to Pack a Portable Storage Unit

Moving seems like a mammoth task and it can be, considering that you’re tasked with packing together and moving all your belongings, or should we say your life! Add to it the excitement and anxiety that a transition brings, and it can get stressful pretty quick. However, if you follow some easy techniques and tips outlined here on how to

23 May


By / Emily Adams

How Portable Storage Units Can Help Your Long or Short-Distance Move

Whether you’re on the lookout for affordable and convenient storage solutions or moving to another location, Cool Box portable storage units can make your move seamless. We offer insulated storage containers that can be delivered right to your doorstep. You can take all the time you want to load them.   When you’re ready, we’ll arrive to pick up your portable storage units and move

20 Mar


By / admin

Why Portable Storage Matters

5 Reasons To Choose Portable Storage One of the first questions people usually ask themselves is how portable storage can be important. It’s a simple question, but an important one and, like all simple questions; the answer itself is not so cut and dry. Sure, you could sum it up by saying it is convenient, but the nuances in the

10 Jan


By / admin

Moving Checklist: Tricks And Tips

Your Checklist For Moving & Storage It’s time to move and you don’t know where to begin. You have a date you need to be moved out by, and a date for when you move in. Immediately, you feel a bit overwhelmed. You’ve been at your current location for a few years and have accumulated a lot of stuff, and

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