24 Jul


By / Emily Adams

What to Pack First When Moving: An Expert’s Guide

One of the most dreaded tasks when preparing for a move is packing together all your belongings. It can be unnerving. After all it’s not the same as putting together a bunch of clothes and some toiletries in a duffle bag for a weekend outing. Instead, you’re tasked with packing EVERYTHING you have to move. The most important packing dilemma

16 Jul


By / Emily Adams

Types of Moving Storage Containers: Find the Best Fit

One of the most perplexing and crucial aspects of any move is figuring out which size moving storage container would be the best fit. With the option of more than one container size for moving, it can be challenging to zero in on the one that best suits your needs, especially when you haven’t even packed everything. Furthermore, the irony

27 Jan


By / admin

Getting To Understand Moving Containers

Why Choose Cool Box Moving Containers Since the common understanding of portable storage is limited, it’s important that we explain exactly what storage containers -more commonly known as "moving containers"- are. Here at Cool Box, we have decided to discuss a few of the things that make moving containers, but more specifically our containers, different from all the other moving