16 Apr


By / Emily Adams

8 Ways to Involve Your Children in the Moving and Storage Process

Moving with children can be a very emotional process, especially for moves that will significantly affect their lives (i.e. changing schools). Younger children tend to have a trickier time coping with the idea of a move and may not completely understand what's going on. The mixed emotions that come with moving make communication and reassurance paramount during a move with

12 Mar


By / admin

10 Reasons You Should Use Get A Cool Box Over the Competition

Portable storage and moving containers have become a popular alternative to traditional moving trucks and self-storage. They offer far more versatility, convenience, and will help save you money in the long run.   But not all portable storage and moving companies are created equal.  Big-name companies, like PODS Storage and 1-800 Pack Rat, might have a larger customer base due to their sheer size and reach,