What is a Portable Storage Unit?

Portable storage is secure, weatherproof storage which can be placed conveniently right in your driveway, curb, or a parking space.

Cool Box Corrugated Top

Cool Box Container Features

10° – 20°
Cooler Inside

Fits into Parking Spots

We Do The Driving

Expertly  Constructed

Our portable storage units are expertly constructed right here in the United States. Learn more about our storage units and watch a video on our construction.

Constructing Cool Box

10° – 20° Cooler Inside 

All of our portable storage units are expertly insulated to be cooler on the inside. We know that storage units can get HOT but with our weatherproofing you notice a difference.

How We Drop Off A Cool Box Container

Our drivers are professionals and here to help you with proper placement of your storage unit. Here we demonstrates how we unload an empty container to a new customer. 

We Do The Driving

Cool Box Portable Storage has been delivering storage units to customers for over 13 years! We simplify the process of moving by taking away the hassle of driving. We do the driving and reduce your risk of injury on the road. We can drop off a container in your driveway, curb, or at one of our private, and secure facilities. 

What is the Right Container Size?

Our moving containers come in three convenient sizes to choose from, ranging from 12FT compact units for individuals or couple to 16FT and 20FT large units for families.

small 12 FT Container

12 fT

12 FT Portable Storage Container Unit

12FT storage units are perfect for:

  • Studios or 800 sq. ft. or less
  • College Students
  • Small remodeling jobs
  • Small business moves

Medium 16 FT Container

16 fT

16 FT Portable Storage Container Unit

16FT storage units are perfect for:

  • 1,200 sq. ft. or less
  • Ideal for 1 – 2 bedrooms
  • Fits in an parking spot
  • Business storage

Large 20 FT Container

20 fT

20 FT Portable Storage Container Unit

20FT storage units are perfect for:

  • 1,600 sq. ft. or less
  • Ideal for 3 – 4 rooms total
  • Great for moving furniture
  • Large renovation jobs

What Customers Are Saying About Cool Box

“Great customer service. Easy delivery and no-hassle pick up. I will be using Cool Box again in the future.”  – Nikki

Need a Moving Tip?

Is this your first time moving? Do you need some helpful tips to make your move go a little smoother? If you need a little direction in the process of moving, decluttering your home, organization, than look no further. Check out our blog, and our helpful Moving Checklist. Our Moving Checklist will help you narrow down your moving timeline.

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